Monogamy x Open Marriage

Spoiler: If you are in love, you will probably disagree with pretty much everything below.
If you are married or in a long term relationship, you will recognize yourself and maybe even agree, anyway, if my intention was to please everyone, I would write cake recipes but I think sex is way more interesting, we can eat cake after tho.


Monogamy is an interesting subject.

If I, as a woman, while chatting to a group of man mention that I don’t really believe in monogamy, they will, with rare exceptions, look at me in horror.

If I tell them that my ideal marriage would be an open one, jaws would drop and I would be immediately judged or classified as a slut, or easy, or crazy or someone who can not be taken seriously.

But it is the way around.

Why do we still need to play by the rules made 400 years ago when things were so different?

The same guys who would judge me and my thoughts about Monogamy are the same unfaithful husbands, or perhaps would be at least if they had a bit of courage?

It is not because I would accept open marriage as something completely doable, I would want to sleep with everyone, I probably wouldn’t want to sleep with anyone at all.

People in open marriages are honest, confident and don’t take their spouses for granted.

Love can be forever, libido for the same person for 30 years -a little push here- can’t.

Society needs to understand that people have different expectation and needs and what works for me doesn’t necessarily work for you and we are all okay.

The thing is, we all know this already, the difference is that some of us speak out, some of us hide.
Even tho, some not too well.

I am not saying that doesn’t exist couples happy with monogamy agreements, what I am saying is that we would have much more happy couples willing to try other ways of commitment and love without being judged.

We can make our own rules.

Honesty was always my alibi