“It is all so simple”

I am on my second marriage.
My first husband passed away with Cancer 14 years ago and before he died, in our last chat he just said “it is all so simple, please don’t complicate life, as I did”

Those words were a course and a present, at the same time.

Being true to ourselves is not always acceptable if being true conflicts with what society expects from you.

If I am truly honest, I love to be a mum of 4 kids, I love my husband, but the priority in my life is me, how shocking and conflicting it seems?

When I told my husband that I missed having sex with other people, even though, knowing me well, it still surprised him, not what I said but my courage to say it.

Life is simple, but I am not sure how ready we are to hear the truth.

Make things simple, is very complicated.