Can I say it is Love?

Life is so funny.

Yesterday I wrote a post saying how difficult it has been not being able to see H or even having a proper conversation with him on what’s app ( where our relationship happens the most).

Life has been hectic, and today when I woke up, I thought it would be the same as the other days…kids, gym, work, a ping text from H, and that was it.

But I was wrong.

H was in the office and had some time for quick catchup, and I just needed 5 minutes to feel reconnected to my man.

In the middle of our chat, he said he would do anything to spend the afternoon in a hotel with me today- he meant.

I know money is tight this time with the house been under refurnishing, so I propose to him to meet me there, and he couldn’t believe I would -again- cross the city to be with him for 1 hour.

I have to be honest, I am picky.

I am willing to share a restaurant bill, or even pay for a full lunch meal, but I would never pay for a hotel or have sex in the car to save money.

But with H is different, I am happy to do turns, and I love to have a place where we can have quickies without spending money – but just because I am not EXPECTED to do this.

H would NEVER propose such a thing, and that is why I have no problem in doing it.

I was in the house – or what will be a house someday- and when he opened the door, I felt home.

There was no Foreplay, no bed, no shower, no pillows, there were a lot of kisses, and hands, a huge erection and a dripping wet pussy begging to be fucked.

There was us- me and H- naked in the middle of a mess, making up for the past hard few days when for so many times, I thought he didn’t want me.

H, without even noticing, makes me push my boundaries, including admitting that I was wrong. I was wrong this past week.

He wanted me then, he wanted me today, and hopefully, he will want me for time to come, in a dust half-finished sitting room, in a comfy and withe big hotel room bed or anywhere we find each other.

I am very careful where do I stand, but I am pretty sure that after one year if it was just an NRE, it was gone by now.

I think I have to start to believe it is love.

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