‘That is not a joke, It pshysically hurts’

‘That is not a joke, It pshysically hurts’

H, texted me that when he found out, he had to cancel our next afternoon.

I don’t meet H often.

We plan our dates for every 3/4 weeks, and we hold tight on it, we never cancel

I need to have something to looking forward to, and I am so jealous of couples in the same situation that can meet more often, but because we don’t have a place and with both of us working full time, is kind difficult to find more days that would suit us both, plus the finance side as we meet at the hotel and we are not rich.

We were due to meet on the 5th- I was so looking forward to it and counting the days, but yesterday, 25th H sent me a message saying that he had to cancel it as the admin made a mistake and accepted a court appointment for that day.

My heart pounded while reading that text, and even tho I knew I love H if I had any doubt that was the confirmation, I cherish so much our afternoons, and I felt a bit heartbroken with that message.

We set a new date, just a few days after the original day, which is perfectly fine, to be honest, even better as I will be period free, and I will get to throw myself on H without any restrictions.

I love spending time with that man.

But i hate dearly the fact we have very little of it together.

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