Affair during Quarantine #covid-19

You know…I have an open marriage, so, it means that technically I don’t have an affair.

But H is married, or something close to a marriage as he has 3 kids with his partner.

We met for an afternoon date 2 weeks ago and already presuming things would become more restricted we met again last wed.

Now as predicted we are in full lockdown and without a date for our next date.

What’s app keep us going but it is not the same, there is no much we can do about it, right?

I miss him and not knowing when i will be able to see him again makes the days even longer.

Don’t get me wrong, this is #firstworldproblems near the tragedy that is going on in the world specially in Europe and the states and I am sooo privileged to be able to wfh and we are all healthy and well looked after but I still can miss my man, right?

The joys of #covid-19


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