The End – Again

My affair didn’t last through Quarantine.

I and H failed in keeping things interesting during 4 months of very little in-person contact (just twice) and our texts, which were our lifeline was a struggle.

The last straw was when after days and nights of anticipation counting the hours to meet, and texts the night before and the morning, H cancelled on me 3 hours before our date as a work emergency raised.

I was mad and didn’t text for 3 days.

When replied I tried to keep it cool but H realised that doesn’t matter what he does, he can’t meet my expectations.

And he is right.

It was little what he gave me, 4 hours in a hotel room every 4/5 weeks, and I did the majority of the heavy lifting.

It hurts.

But it was an affair and affairs are supposed to end someday.

18 months and I will cherish our time together, but that is about it.

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