Illicit Encounters…

20 days have passed since I and H went in a different direction.

I didn’t hear from him, he is too full of pride to even contemplate on doing it, and I honestly wouldn’t have much to say, I guess.

I would never settle again for what he could offer and an affair has to be something spectacular and needs to bring you joy and excitement, nothing less would worth the risk.

And we need plans, something to look forward to.

I didn’t have this with H.

Our meetings were full of passion but after 18 months of just hotel meetings, it gets boring, never mind with some cancellations in between.

Now, here comes a plot twist: I found someone else, someone I always dreamed but tho it would never be possible.

I found my BF, in less than 10 days we managed to meet 3 times, and just the last one was for sex, I need connection and this, we both have.

I met him throughout “Illicit Encounters” a site like AM, for   Married People to make connection with the same.

To be continued…

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