There wasn’t anything unusual about that day.

Or maybe there was, and I didn’t pay attention.

I did all the things I was supposed to do that morning – and my whole life.

It wasn’t especially hot or cold, I wasn’t happy, but I wasn’t sad either.

Then, in a blink of an eye, there was you.

With no head, in my inbox.

It was Monday, a day for a change, they say.

You, the handsome you walking into my life as you always belonged.

Nothing about you appeared strange to me; nothing was too much, or too little.

You just fit in, like a puzzle.
Like a missing piece, lost somewhere until now.

There was a smile.

It felt like a calm wave after the storm.

I found some sort of peace when I found you.

It was as if the universe sent me you to answer the unanswered questions, finally unlocking my heart.

It was you, the handsome, tall, sweet, smart, delicious you.

Walking to me.

As you always belonged.

Making me feel myself.

Making me feel brave.

Making me feel enough.

But it was never just about me; it was always about us.

There’s another world where I don’t feel wrong, lonely, guilty.

Where my heart fits into my chest right, and I’m not frightened of anything that makes me feel alive- if you are with me.

You, the handsome, charming, sexy, you, who took the first step towards me.

Would you come with me?

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