Thank you, Illicit Encounters.

So many things happened since my last post.

I finished it saying I met my BF on Illicit Encounters; he was (is) also married.

BF was my affair, n3.

Even though it never felt like an affair in the sense we always met in public places and we were very comfortable with each other from day 1.

So much so that I decided to leave my husband three weeks after meeting him.

I know you are probably saying: WTF!

I get it.

I would probably say something like this too, but if you read my blog from the start, you will see that the end of my marriage was inevitable; the matter was just when.

BF is ten years older than me, we do connect on many levels, but I can not put the weight of my separation on him. I did not leave my husband hoping he would do the same.

I left for me and me only.

Of course, if I haven’t met him, would probably be where I was for a bit longer, but, even if BF breaks up with me tomorrow, I wouldn’t regret to leave my husband and would understand that it was his role in my life: Give me the courage to finally move forward towards the life and love I crave and deserve.

I am married for the past 13 years, three years ago, I had my first affair.

It just happened because my marriage wasn’t working anymore; I am not one of those people who finds the thrill in cheating.

Divorce at the time wasn’t an option, I had very small kids, and my husband was very precious about shared custody. I would find it very hard to see my kids changing houses every week, so the affair was my escape, but I knew deep down it would come eventually to an end.

I tried Open Marriage, the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy that didn’t make me feel less guilty.

So when I met BF online, during the lockdown, we did hit pretty quickly, everything about him was different, and I had previous affairs to compare.

He never had an affair, BF told me later, that he did use escort services, but during the lockdown, he realized how bizarre it was to live without a connection with another human.

He sent me a message on Monday night, and we had hours chatting till we meet on Thursday, the same week.

He has seen one picture of me, and it wasn’t my best one.

When I saw him getting out of the car, I couldn’t believe he was my man.

He tells me he felt the same.

It was natural, lovely, unique, exciting, and full of hope that we would get on together….

To Be Continued…

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