We left our spouses to be together.

Fast Forward

The last post I wrote about Illicit Encounters was nearly one month ago.
For BF and me, one month is a lifetime.

I left home, so did he.

More precisely, on the 3rd of September, after a briefing ‘affair,’ we became a couple.

On the 9th of September, we signed our apt lease and moved in together seven weeks after the first time we met each other.

Today has been 15 days that we live together, waking up, and going to sleep all over each other.

Life at home is okay.
I collect the kids in school every day and spend the afternoon with them while wfh, and I leave at night.

BF went full-on about the honesty and confessed to his ‘wife’ he met someone, and that was the reason he was leaving 27 years of marriage. They weren’t planning on telling the ‘kids’ the cause, but it eventually happened; one of the 3 reacted no so well, but she will come to terms.

My ‘husband’ still doesn’t know for sure I am living with a man, but I made clear that the break up is permanent.

I don’t feel guilty.

I feel whole and happy.

I know the path I chose will leave room for a lot of criticism as it is not the norm a woman leaving the family, but the reality is, if I were worried about what people think about me and my choices, I wouldn’t have, and I wouldn’t live the most important things in my life.

I love my kids.

But for some reason, I can’t ignore the love I have for me and for who I am beside my love for them.

My arrangement with my husband allows me to see them daily, and I will always be around whenever they need me.

I am 41; I know how relationships work.

But most importantly, I know how I work.

I want to be with BF- forever.

Whatever forever means, and whatever forever lasts.

4 thoughts on “We left our spouses to be together.

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      I believe one relationship is different from another so are the parts involved.
      I don’t make my relationships the centre of my life and if it ends I will be okay too!

      I gained already so much from it!

      Limerence is when the other is an obsession which is not the case, we have a super healthy relationship and it is reciprocal and no drama!

      It has been 4 intense months living together and it already worth it! 🥰


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