It can’t be wrong

What a funny sensation it is when we do what we want, what we truly want.
Don’t get me wrong; I don’t think I am one of those who married the wrong person.
I got married in love with my husband.
He was a fantastic partner, especially at the start of our marriage, after some adjustments were made, and for years and years, I never thought I would be separating from him.

The only difference between me and the majority of the population on earth is that I find it very, very difficult to settle, or to accept my fate when it doesn’t bring me joy or passion anymore.
Again, I am no better than anyone, but I know myself and what I don’t want for me.

Right now, I am where I want to be; I need to be and with someone so perfect that ticks so many boxes that I can’t help myself on thinking that it will be forever, even tho I know how love works.

When I say he is perfect, I don’t mean he has no flaws; the difference is that his flaws match with my ones, and he fills all the gaps that I have been missing from my past relationships.

It is early days, and we went all in.

Who does that?

Former Husband is doing well and already shared the news with his parents and, to my surprise, were supportive and no major drama this weekend. We will talk to the kids, so after that, I will establish a better routine.

Twenty days living like partners in crime, and we couldn’t be happier, maybe when our kids (7!) join us and our life, it will feel even better.

For now, we look after each other, feed each other, and love each other.

And it feels so, so right!

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