We are so in love

It has been 40 days that BF left his family home.
At first, he told his now-former wife that he didn’t love her.
A week later, he told her about me.
Then, told the kids he was separating from their mother, a few days later, told the eldest ones that he was living with his new partner.

Now, 55 days after I left home, my former husband knows I have a BF, but he doesn’t want to know many details as we are living together.

My kids are well adapted to our new routine.

I couldn’t be happier, we couldn’t be happier.

BF and I are great together and even though it is early days, (3 months exactly since our first date) given the covid situation and we both spent a lot of time home and as intense as it can be we never ever had a fallout, as I said, I know it is just the start but it has been a dream, and I hope it lasts, but if for some reason it doesn’t, all the feelings and love and sex ( a lot of sex!) that I am experiencing for the past month and a half already worth it!

We are so in love.

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